How to rent a dumpster – tips?

When you are choosing a rental company, there are things you need to reconsider before you engage yourself in this type of activity. Is the size important? This is probably the...

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Medical Waste Cleanup Companies

In order to protect the community and the environment of Joliet, Illinois, the state of Illinois created regulations to make sure that all medical wastes are dealt with...

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How to Dispose of Old Tires

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Rental of Dumpster

Precisely what should you do with your old tires? You could set them in your backyard’s garden and make them into cherished garden equipment. You could secretly dispose them in an empty lot, if you desire to be an loser-litterbug. You could toss them over the fence (in the evening, of course) onto your neighbor’s lawn. Or you could quite possibly incinerate them, if you don’t care about befouling the atmosphere with bad toxins.

We’re only teasing you, certainly.  Don’t run away!  But assuming that you’re an ideal citizen, you won’t actually carry out any of those things. You’ll throw away your tires the smart way: through reprocessing or by recycling.

Americans outwear about 290 million tires a year, and they recycle 233 million of them, says the US EPA. Whilst worn out tires may resemble worthless crap, they can be put to huge amounts of uses. According to the EPA, there are at least 110 goods that are presently made of stuff obtained from used tires.

Just one use for old tires is to build roads with them. Around 12 million scrap tires a year are made into rubberized asphalt, which is used to resurface federal interstates in many states. Reports reveal that it has a lesser life-cycle cost than typical pavement. In northern Virginia, expressway developers also have joined shredded tire rubber with cement to make up “whisper walls” that deflect sound waves from traffic and reduce the interference levels, going easy on nearby residents’ ears and sanity.

One other transportation-type benefit for used tires is that of highly-durable, rubber-encased railroad ties. Each and every tie incorporates about 80 pounds of ground-up, castoff tires and plastic from abandoned bottles, kept together with an unique binder or glue around a metal beam. The arising product is about twice as solid as a timber tie, and will endure as long as 90 years, around three times what a timber tie would last.

Recycled tires are also made use of to create ecological, reduced management decks for households. Shredded tire rubber is combined with poly-materials to build molded boards that can resist excessive temperatures–head and cold–sun and insect damage better than natural wood. Rubber composite decks endure for about 25 years and call for little repair and maintenance, with the exception of a random house water-hosing.

If you’re dealing with lots of tires, roll off dumpsters, or open top containers (also: debris boxes, waste bins), are regularly used for carrying efficacy. Because personal automobiles can’t adequately haul numerous tires, waste containers may be placed on your driveway for easy tire removal. Make sure to get in touch with an inexpensive dumpster company for your tire disposal desires, as you’ll intend to correctly remove of these kinds of recyclable materials.

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How to rent a dumpster – tips?

Posted by on Feb 26, 2016 in Medical Waste, Rental of Dumpster

How to rent a dumpster – tips?

When you are choosing a rental company, there are things you need to reconsider before you engage yourself in this type of activity.

Is the size important?

This is probably the first thing you need to do, before you rent a dumpster and that is to determine the proper size. One of the biggest mistakes people make is when they choose the wrong size. The bigger the dumpster is; the more money you will be required to pay. That’s way rental companies offer variety in sizes and description to help their clients with this problem.

10 cubic yard dumpster – these are good for small remodeling, 20 cubic yard dumpster are medium size, 30 cubic yard dumpster are often used in commercial purpose and 40 cubic yard dumpster are used for industrial purpose.

What type is your trash?

Another thing you need to keep in mind is what type of garbage you will be producing. Many waste management companies won’t allow you to mix material. For example: you can mix dirt and other material.

Also, the weight might be another factor you need to think about. If you have heavy thing, the renting company will charge you more. In order to determine your costs, you will need to consult with waste management company, tell them about type of waste you have and its weight.

There are things you can’t dump

By the law you aren’t allowed to dispose hazardous and toxic waste. This type of material includes pesticide, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, filter oils, toxins and others.


Compare companies

When you choose a wrong company, this may cost you great money. Before you decide on one company, it is the best solution to explore additional options. Review other companies and compare their prices, you will find one company that has much greater price than other. Most important thing is to ask for additional charges, for example: fees, fuel charges and others. Choose a company that will give you best conditions.
Negotiate the price

This is of high importance, if other commercial companies can do, so why shouldn’t you? You can always ask for a discount and you shouldn’t feel embarrassed. Some companies will offer you a discount of 10%.

When a company offers you a price, it will include: delivery of dumpster, disposal of the waste and removal of your dumpster. But, they will not include additional fees and charges. For example: if you overstep a tonnage.

If you want to place your dumpster on the street, you will have to seek a special permit from your municipality. These permits are available online.
Before your dumpster is delivered, make sure you have enough space and that is available to the workers.

Front load and roll off dumpsters will need a bigger space to be delivered because dumpster truck will have to have access to maneuvers in order to deliver it at the right location. By following these tips, you will avoid additional charges and you will choose the right company.

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Medical Waste Cleanup Companies

Posted by on Feb 16, 2016 in Medical Waste

Medical Waste Cleanup Companies

In order to protect the community and the environment of Joliet, Illinois, the state of Illinois created regulations to make sure that all medical wastes are dealt with appropriately. Joliet,Illinois is a major city that provides a variety of medical services to its community. Medical waste is created every single day by hospitals, clinics, veterinary clinics, nursing homes, and other similar establishments. Medical Waste Cleanup companies employ the people who are trained to best handle any medical waste.

In 1993, hypodermic needles and other medical waste began to wash up on beaches, including the beaches of Lake Michigan. To stop the unsafe disposal of medical waste, the state of Illinois put into place the Potentially Infectious Medical Waste regulation. The regulations created, assured that medical facilities would be required to make sure that their wastes are properly disposed.

The Bureau of Land created and maintained rules and regulations to monitor the disposal of medical waste. The rules and regulations were created specifically to reduce the occupational and environmental risks that occur during the various stages of disinfecting and disposing of medical waste from the storage and treatment to the transport, transfer and disposal.

Each state has its own definition of medical waste. Illinois defines potentially infections medical waste as “waste generated in connection with the diagnosis, treatment (i.e., provision of medical services), or immunization of human beings or animals; research pertaining to the provision of medical services; or the provision or testing of “biologicals”.

In the state of Illinois, only licensed potentially infections medical waste hauler may transport medical waste to a specified destination. Regulations of medical waste disinfection, transportation and disposal are created in order to protect the community from the possibility of infection. The destinations to which medical waste can be transported includes treatment facilities, storage areas, or landfills. However, before medical waste can be placed in a landfill, it must have been treated and the treatment must be certified.

The containers that hold medical waste are regulated as well. Regulations specify that medical waste must be shipped in a container that is rigid, leak resistant, impervious to moisture, strong enough to prevent breaking or tearing and sealed. The containers in which medical waste is stored must indicate if there are biohazards contained within in, by writing large letters to be read from five feet away.

The state of Illinois is very specific about the requirements of those who transport medical waste and there are significant fees for the permits to haul medical waste and the vehicles used to transport medical waste. Household medical waste is exempt from the rules and regulations that mediate the disinfection, transportation and disposal of medical waste.

The regulations formulated by the state of Illinois regarding medical waste disposal only include the medical waste produced within medical facilities.

For the safety of the community of Joliet, Illinois and for the environment, everyone involved in the disinfection, transportation and disposal of medical waste should be trained to handle this material in a way that is best for those who live within the community and the environment of the community.

The best trained professionals work for Medical Waste Cleanup Companies.

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